Justina Valentine

Justina Valentine is Back with Sexy New Single “Strawberry Soda”

“He love me ‘cause I’m bubbly, call me strawberry soda….” – quote from “Strawberry Soda” American rapper, singer and television personality Justina Valentine is out of the studio with a new vibe in the track she titles “Strawberry Soda”. The new single which is both sexy and upbeat sees Justina sing about being famous among the guys with some adult rated lyrics describing just what she means. https://youtu.be/v_KCrnzbPWs With a delivery that is just as sexy as the rapper herself, […]

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Rude Boy Tha Shottah

Rudeboy Tha Shottah Releases New Music “Rich In Spirit”

“I never lost hope, even when it got tough. I made it clear to my circle that we gon run this shi* up. If you ain’t talking about money then I’m hanging it up…” – quote from “Rich In Spirit” New Orleans artist Rudeboy Tha Shottah is back with a new single that is all positive and motivational. “Rich In Spirit” is a struggle to success kind of song that strongly reflects the life of Rudeboy himself. Rudeboy begins this […]

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Outrageous Karina

Outrageous Karina Sings About Toxic Relationships In “Anxiety”

“Prison in my mind I’m stuck, this love is the cell. Told me I’m your angel but I’m waking up living in hell…” – quote from “Anxiety” San Jose, California rapper and songwriter Outrageous Karina is out of the studio with a new track and she calls this one “Anxiety”. In this track Outrageous Karina describes what a toxic relationship looks like as well as what someone who is in such relationship should do. The video for “Anxiety” is set […]

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Ann G

Ann G Makes a Comeback with “Something’s Got to Give”

“We tryna to elevate, elevate. They try to stifle with petty hate. She say when they go low we go high, they wanna level but that’s all right…one thing is sure something’s got to give…” – quote from “Something’s Got to Give” Making a great comeback from her long hiatus that got fans and lovers wondering what had happened to their favorite R&B star, Ann G has made an appearance once again on the music scene. The former Atlantic Records […]

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Dee Watkins

Dee Watkins Releases “Rugrats”

“I still be in the hood, where the fiends at? I don’t care if it’s a dolla, b*** I need that. F** yo comments, we don’t care about your feedback…” – quote from “Rugrats” Dee Watkins is a shining hip hop artist in the state of Florida. His latest release “Rugrats”, which debuted alongside its video, is yet another unreserved expression of his unique musical talent drowned in high-octane beats. In the song, Dee raps on the escapades encountered while […]

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Teenear Drops Visual for “Dolla $igns”

“Dolla signs, dolla signs, focus on my paper. It’s a grind, it’s a grind, but I still try to hit you on the late-night, on the FaceTime just so you know I’m thinking about you…” – quote from “Dolla $igns” Miami based R&B artist Teenear is back with a hit track “Dolla $igns” and this one is a total package in every sense of the word. Following her hit track “I Like That” where she featured Lil’ Baby, “Dolla $igns” […]

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