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Jaquie La Joie

Jaquie La Joie Makes Waves With “U Get Me So High”

“Hot and loco, put a hater in a choke hold…” – quote from “U Get Me So High” For Jaquie, music has always been a significant part of growing up. As a rural Southern American native, she got a very early exposure to different kinds of music genres and combos. As early as five years, she had developed a liking for sounds and also began to fondle around with the keyboard. By the time Jaquie turned eleven, she began to […]

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Pomsky Drops New Single “In Person” ft Tommy Ice

“All I do is put hurt on em, put work on em…” – quote from “In Person” Austin, Texas recording artist and audio engineer Pomsky drops a new single called “In Person” featuring Tommy Ice. In “In Person” Pomsky speaks on how much he’s shining and wants to see his significant other in person. He’s bound and determined to go all the way to get all of the things that will make her feel loved and emotionally fulfilled. Check out […]

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Rizz Illuminated

Rizz Illuminated Releases His Latest Hit Song “The Rain”

“As I roll through my city yeah, there’s kids dying. As I roll through my city yeah, there’s mamas crying. As I roll through this city yeah, there’s people trying…” – quote from “The Rain” Spawn directly from greatness Kansas City, Kansas artist Rizz Illuminated aspired to achieve as much and even more than his father. Rizz’s father, popularly known as Vigalantee owns Phatahdat Records, TRUTH Apparel, and a KCKCC-based program known as F.B.O.E. which means Rizz’s pedigree is definitely […]

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Eva Shaw

Eva Shaw “SPLASH GOD” ft Just John, Lord Afrixana, & Swagger Rite

“Swagger Rite hit ‘em with a click clack, Just John get a ni**a wetter than a ship, call the coast guard…” – quote from “SPLASH GOD” Eva Shaw is a Toronto native music producer whose career was birthed in New York after her first release was signed by Calvin Harris in 2013. In addition to her production skills, Eva also tours the world as a prominent DJ, playing next to the likes of Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Avicii and Tiesto. […]

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Kiara Slams Rapid-Fire Bars in “Ape Shyt”

“It ain’t no sex if ain’t no condom & these bum a** ho*s, man they never been a problem…” – quote from “Ape Shyt” Up and coming Charlotte, North Carolina rapper Kiara recently released new song “Ape Shyt”, which was produced by IGOT20ONMYBEAT (DaBaby). The hit has been making waves, as it has over 200 spins on the top 5 radio markets in Kansas City, MO, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC. In “Ape Shyt” Kiara effortlessly slams rapid-fire […]

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Lil Drip 223

Lil Drip 223 “Keep Calling” ft Jaybo & ProjectbabyMeechie

“We posted in the apartments, we gone leave ‘em bleeding, why they calling?” – quote from “Keep Calling” Music is no fun if it doesn’t work up some positive vibes in you. But there’s no need to panic when we’ve got music artists like Lil Drip 223 to help with all vibes and energy. Lil Drip 223 is an up and coming songwriter and emcee. He kick-started his music career shortly after his time at the Albany State University. Although […]

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