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Orrin Reveals Single “SORRY NOT” from Upcoming EP


Orrin returns with his new single “SORRY NOT,” a bold fusion of hip-hop, R&B, techno, and dance, heralding his upcoming “Age of Tomorrow” EP. Shifting gears from his cyborg persona that turned heads on Dr. Phil into a viral meme, Orrin now embraces a blend of musical styles with mature finesse and cool indifference.

Set against the backdrop of New York City’s pulsating nightlife, the music video for “SORRY NOT” captures the essence of Bushwick’s eclectic club scene. It portrays Orrin’s evolution as both an artist and an individual. The single showcases his growth and cements his place as a cross-genre innovator.

With plans to leverage his substantial following on TikTok and YouTube, Orrin is poised to make “SORRY NOT” a pivotal moment in his career. As he transitions from meme to mainstream, Orrin’s new track is set to resonate with fans old and new, marking an exciting chapter in his artistic journey.



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