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Orrin Releases New Single “Metaverse” 


When LimeWire rebranded as an NFT marketplace and promised to use its platform to promote artists, many did not imagine that the buck would get to musicians. But with this deal that saw “cyborg rapper” Orrin releasing this new track, “Metaverse,” as an audio NFT on LimeWire, they’ve proven that their marketplace can make the blockchain beneficial to all forms of creative artists.

Following his appearance on Dr. Phil, the self-acclaimed cyborg rapper has been on a steady grind working on his forthcoming EP. This EP will shed more light on his life, broken relationships, and the changes that came with fame after he appeared on Dr. Phil.

Though he graduated with a 3.9 GPA from New York University’s Stern Business School, Orrin has never been passionate about anything as much as he is about music. This, he confessed severally on the show, and now he’s putting in the work to make the world have a feel of his unique creativity.



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