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Orrin Releases a New Mystifying Track Titled “GHOST”


Get ready to immerse yourself in the mystifying world of Orrin’s latest release, “GHOST,” a track that encapsulates the fleeting nature of New York dating through a mesmerizing blend of hip-hop, trap, and Berlin techno vibes. With a music video shot on film against the backdrop of NYC, this dance-infused track is as haunting as it is emotionally charged.

Orrin’s creative journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Following his collaboration with Grimes using AI, “GHOST” is poised to make a significant impact. The single is set to be distributed through Sparta and will receive substantial promotion on Orrin’s TikTok account, boasting an impressive 250K followers. It’s a testament to Orrin’s determination to push artistic boundaries and redefine creativity in the digital age.

Known for his infectious auto-tuned melodies and lyrics that hit home, Orrin has already made his mark with standout singles like “KD Freestyle” and “FASHION.” These tracks have achieved placements in prestigious platforms like NBA 2K21 and FX Network, respectively, showcasing his versatility and relevance in modern culture.

Orrin’s influence extends beyond music, as he’s also ventured into the world of modeling. Having graced pages in publications like V Man and Telfar, he continues to be a force to be reckoned with, leaving an indelible mark on various facets of contemporary culture.

With a previous EP released alongside Limewire and NFTs that sold out, Orrin’s impact is undeniable. His approach to artistry and his willingness to embrace innovative techniques make him a true multi-hyphenate.

“GHOST” is another chapter in Orrin’s artistic journey, further solidifying his position as a creative powerhouse in today’s dynamic cultural landscape.



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