OG Bobby Billions & The Family – “Holy Goat Live”

OG Bobby Billions

“Tired of going on these missions, stuck off in these trenches, I’m just tryna get a million ‘fore they come and get me…”

– quote from “Holy Goat Live”

Fast-rising “ghetto gospel” rapper OG Bobby Billions has given fans and followers a thrilling experience with the release of his new track “Holy Goat Live” and the live performance of songs from his debut album “Holy Goat.”

Best known for his soul-lifting lyrics, ecstatically deep voice, and excellent songwriting skills, Bobby Billions has made a significant impact in the gospel music industry within the short span that he has been in the spotlight.

Hailing from the highbrow Oak Cliff neighborhood of Dallas, Texas, OG Bobby Billions has been dedicated to lifting souls and spreading the gospel with his street-infusion kind of gospel music. He released his debut album “Holy Goat” during the 2020 Easter. With a huge fanbase awaiting its release, the album quickly became a buzz of the moment, making waves across top media outlets, including SayCheese TV and Elevator.

Bobby Billions’s music tells the story of living on the streets yet living for the lord. His style is a fusion of storytelling riding on the waves of soulful melodies. His music is inspired by his life experience as a church boy who experienced life on the streets. The tragic loss of his grandfather and best friend within a few months influenced the direction of his music, and he’s currently on a mission to bring a breath of fresh air to Southern Hip-Hop while glorifying God in the process. 





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