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OG Bobby Billions Delivers Soul-Stirring New Track “Perky’s For The Pain”

OG Bobby Billions

Hailing from the storied streets of Oak Cliff in Dallas, TX, OG Bobby Billions is rapidly making waves in the Southern hip-hop scene. Known for his uniquely deep, raspy voice, Bobby has become a standout artist, amassing a loyal fan base across Texas and beyond. His debut album, “Holy Goat,” released on Easter 2020, has been stirring the pot, grabbing attention from major media outlets like Elevator and SayCheeseTV.

“Perky’s For The Pain,” his latest offering, continues the narrative thread that Bobby has been weaving through his music. This track is a potent mix of gritty street tales and soulful, choir-backed melodies, a style Bobby has coined as “ghetto gospel.” This blend gives his music an emotional depth rarely seen in the genre.

Bobby’s “Holy Goat” album is a journey through his personal experiences, marked by soulful melodies and deeply confessional lyrics. Tracks like “Billievers,” “Blessings,” and the haunting lead single “Outside” offer listeners an unfiltered glimpse into the rapper’s life. His music’s rawness and honesty stem from personal loss, including the tragic passing of his grandfather and best friend. These events redirected the focus of his debut, infusing it with pain and introspection.

Raised predominantly by his grandparents, Bobby’s upbringing in the church profoundly influenced his artistic direction. The contrast between his religious background and the harsh realities of hood life gives “Holy Goat” its unique flavor, breathing new life into Southern Hip-Hop. OG Bobby Billions’ debut is not just a collection of tracks; it’s an experience, a melding of worlds that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level.

As “Perky’s For The Pain” echoes through the streets and airwaves, OG Bobby Billions doesn’t just mark his territory in the music industry; he invites his audience into a world where the sacred meets the streets, leaving fans eagerly waiting for what’s next from this rising star.



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