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Odreii’s New Single “Killin It” Sets the Stage for a Bright Future


Montreal’s own RnB Soul singer-songwriter, Odreii, is back with a powerful new track, “Killin It,” showcasing her distinctive style and incredible vocal prowess. Odreii, nurtured in a musical family and has won numerous songwriting competitions, is building a name for herself in the music industry. She also studied music in London.

Her 2019 single, “Runs In Mi Blood,” peaked at #3 on PalmarèsADISQ’s chart for most played tracks on Quebec’s English radio stations. Odreii’s debut album, ‘Sweatin’ Gold,’ was published in 2021, and it helped her gain recognition and bookings in places like Toronto, Montreal, New York, and Los Angeles. The talented singer also won Rolling Stone’s Battle of the Bands and gained North American media coverage for her album release.

“Killin It” is a testament to Odreii’s growth as an artist and her undeniable talent. Her status as a rising talent in the Canadian music scene is expected to be further cemented by the song’s entrancing melody and sentimental lyrics. As Odreii climbs to new heights, keep an eye on her.



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