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NugLife Drops Underground Music “HYPNOSIS FREESTYLE”


NugLife goes full force with The God Fahim on this new gem, “HYPNOSIS FREESTYLE.” This mix features hip-hop productions from The Beat Dispenser that break necks and rousing lyrics by the Dump Gawd. They are both known for their huge catalogs and consistent monthly releases. So it is only natural that they would cross paths in the modern era.

Fahim hails from East Atlanta and is known for his numerous collaborations with Mach-Hommy, a fellow Griselda collaborator. Tune in to underground museum music on all digital platforms.

NugLife is a producer/DJ who has set a new standard in music, sound, and overall content creation. His “Summer of Nug’s” producer project just released last year, featuring a wide range of music production styles and genres and featuring artists from the underground uprising.



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