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Noori Belai’s “Moonlight” is an Anthem for Empowerment & Self-Expression

Noori Belai

Noori Belai’s new song “Moonlight” shines as a powerful anthem for all the underrated individuals who stand as a benchmark for their treatment. The track resonates with those who refuse to be treated any less than they deserve and embrace their power as the ultimate thermostat of their lives.

Hailing from Silver Spring, Maryland, just outside Washington D.C., Noori Belai’s musical journey has been ingrained in her since childhood. With melodies and lyrics constantly playing in her mind, she would belt them out regardless of whether anyone was listening. Her passion for music remained a constant companion, and her determination to express herself through songwriting was evident even in her early years.

Noori’s unique background as the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants in a predominantly white suburb fueled her artistic growth. She found solace and a channel for self-expression in music, a world where she could transcend boundaries and explore her identity.

In her latest offering, “Moonlight,” she channels her experiences and emotions into an empowering message that champions self-worth and authenticity. The song serves as a reminder that individuals can set the tone for their treatment, establishing their standards in a world that often tries to define them.

With introspective lyrics and captivating melodies, “Moonlight” encapsulates Noori Belai’s journey of self-discovery and growth. It’s a testament to the transformative nature of music, where personal experiences can be translated into universal anthems that connect with listeners from all walks of life.



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