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Noori Belai Strikes Back with “Snakes!”

Noori Belai

Noori Belai, the dynamic artist from Silver Spring, Maryland, is turning negativity into empowerment with her latest single, “Snakes!” This anthem is a bold declaration in honor of all the haters, the naysayers, and those who choose to spread negativity.

“Snakes!” isn’t just a song; it’s a testament to Noori’s resilience and determination. Noori’s music is a powerful response in a world where criticism and negativity can be all too common. The song celebrates overcoming obstacles, rising above the noise, and embracing self-expression fervently.

Growing up as the daughter of Ethiopian immigrants in a predominantly white suburb outside Washington D.C., Noori experienced the challenges of navigating multiple worlds. Music became her refuge, allowing her to channel her emotions and experiences into melodies and lyrics. With “Snakes!”, Noori transforms her journey into an anthem that resonates with anyone who has faced adversity and emerged stronger.

Noori’s musical journey reflects her determination to rise above the noise and create her own path. From experimenting with the piano to honing her songwriting skills, she has channeled her experiences into a unique sound that blends self-expression with empowerment.

“Snakes!” is more than just a song; it’s a statement. Noori Belai’s unapologetic approach to her artistry reminds us that our voices and creativity can be our most potent weapons in the face of adversity.



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