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N$N Klippa Rolls Out with “She da Driver, I’m da Shoota”

N$N Klippa

N$N Klippa, a seasoned force in the rap game from Sacramento, CA, drops his latest street anthem, “She da Driver, I’m da Shoota.” Known for his longevity in the industry, Klippa has been grinding for over two and a half decades as a rapper, producer, and engineer. This new track continues to display his deep roots in the game and his unique ability to blend raw narratives with pulsating beats.

Signed to his own label, Mack-Town Entertainment, Klippa remains fiercely independent, driving his career forward on his own terms. “She da Driver, I’m da Shoota” showcases his dual prowess behind the mic and the mixing board, delivering gritty, unapologetic lyrics over hard-hitting production that echoes through the streets of Northern California.

With a career spanning over years, N$N Klippa’s latest release not only adds to his impressive discography but also reinforces his status as a stalwart in the hip-hop community, continuing to produce authentic street tales that resonate with his loyal fanbase. Watch for Klippa as he continues to steer his career with the same intensity and passion that has defined his legacy in the rap industry.



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