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N$N Klippa Drops the Heat with “Show Me Sumn”

N$N Klippa

Sac-Town stands up – N$N Klippa is bringing the fire with his latest banger, “Show Me Sumn,” a track that dives deep into the heart of Northern California’s mob music scene. Known previously as E.klips Da Hustla, this Sacramento native isn’t new to the game. With over two and a half decades in the music industry, N$N Klippa has mastered producing, rapping, and engineering, making him a formidable force in the hip-hop world.

“Show Me Sumn” is an original masterpiece that showcases Klippa’s deep roots in the Sacramento music scene, blending hard-hitting beats with raw, authentic lyrical prowess. Signed to his own independent record label, Mack-Town Entertainment, Klippa is a true embodiment of self-made success, navigating the industry on his own terms.

This latest track is more than music – it’s a statement. N$N Klippa invites listeners into his world, where hustle meets talent, and authenticity reigns supreme. “Show Me Sumn” is set to resonate with fans old and new, proving once again why Klippa remains a staple in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop. Get ready to hit replay because “Show Me Sumn” is here to lighten up the scene.



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