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Nissi Releases Empowering Anthem “Higher”


Following her show-stopping performance at AfroNation Miami and a coveted opening act for afro beats icon Burna Boy’s sold-out London Stadium show, London-based Nigerian singer and songwriter Nissi is back with her latest musical triumph, “Higher.” Known for her soulful energy and infectious charisma, Nissi’s new track promises to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide.

With “Higher,” Nissi showcases her exceptional vocal prowess and empowering lyrics against infectious beats and vibrant melodies. The song is an anthem of self-belief, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. From her experiences, Nissi’s lyrics encourage listeners to embrace life’s various stages while maintaining a strong work ethic. Her powerful vocal delivery in “Higher” takes listeners on a journey of hope and self-discovery.

Nissi explains, “This song is a song of strength to celebrate the human spirit, an anthem for anyone who has ever dared to dream and pushed beyond their limits. I want listeners to feel empowered and inspired to rise above any obstacles they may face in life. ‘Higher’ represents my personal journey, and I hope it resonates with others as well.”

Hailing from a diverse background encompassing music, engineering, fine arts, and animation, Nissi weaves all her passions into her work. Her collaborations include artists like Stromae, BackRoad Gee, and Major League DJz, while her creative endeavors extend to brands such as Range Rover, Flannels, and Havana Club. Beyond music, Nissi aims to inspire individuals to be their authentic selves and believes in the empowerment of women’s entrepreneurship. Her artistry reflects a genuine desire to connect with her audience and make a positive impact through her music and message. As a multi-faceted artist, Nissi’s work is a beacon of authenticity and empowerment for all.



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