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Nia Asiel Stands Tall with New Single “Ten Toes”

Nia Asiel

Nia Asiel, rapper and R&B artist from Chicago is blowing up the music scene with her most recent track, “Ten Toes.” Nia’s distinctive style and narrative skills set her apart from her contemporaries by merging soulful R&B with urban hip-hop. This upbeat track, infused with confidence and a smooth flow, will have listeners captivated from the first note.

“Ten Toes” highlights Nia Asiel’s versatility as a rapper and singer by showcasing her quick-witted rhymes and gorgeously harmonized melodies. Focusing on love, loyalty, and family, Nia’s compelling storytelling resonates deeply with her audience, creating a connection that transcends the music.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, Nia Asiel is a game-changing singer-songwriter poised to impact the R&B and hip-hop world. Her outstanding talent, relatable songs, and true-to-life voice have solidified her status as an artist to watch in the coming years.



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