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NeyQuam Unleashes Emotional Energy with “Pain” ft. Spooky


NeyQuam, the rising star of 2023, returns with a high-energy, darkish, and stylish vibe in his latest music video, accompanied by fellow artist Spooky. The collaboration on the hit track “Pain” creates a perfect fusion, capturing the essence of their shared experience growing up without a father.

“Pain” delves into the struggles faced by many who have grown up without a paternal figure. NeyQuam and Spooky deliver their unique perspectives, providing different sides of their stories. NeyQuam’s lyrics encapsulate his journey of growth and resilience despite his father’s absence, showcasing his ability to overcome adversity.

The music video amplifies the emotional energy of the song as NeyQuam and Spooky authentically share their experiences. It serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of absent fathers and the strength it takes to navigate life without them.

As an exciting preview of what’s to come, NeyQuam also announces the release of his upcoming album, “ReBorn Deluxe,” slated for the summer. “Pain” offers a taste of the emotional depth and raw talent that fans can expect from the highly anticipated project.



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