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Nazzy the Mic Ignites the Scene with “Drill Shit” ft Black60k

Nazzy the Mic

In the heart of Philadelphia’s vibrant urban landscape emerges Nazzy the Mic, a young artist redefining the essence of storytelling in hip-hop. Her latest track, “Drill Shit,” featuring the dynamic Black60k, is a raw, unfiltered exploration of her life’s trials and triumphs. Nazzy isn’t just an artist; she’s a storyteller whose lyrics are as authentic as poignant.

Growing up in the inner city, Nazzy has witnessed firsthand the realities many only hear about in songs. From confronting the violence and trauma of her neighborhood to grappling with her religion and sexuality, her music is a diary of her life experiences, delivered with unapologetic honesty and an undeniably smooth flow.

Starting her journey in the studio at just 12, Nazzy has honed her craft to become a powerhouse in the genre. Her debut label release at 16 solidified her place in the music world, showcasing a rare and captivating talent. With recognition from renowned publications like Elevator Mag, Wordplay, and Notion, it’s clear that Nazzy the Mic is on the rise.

Nazzy’s impact on the music scene is undeniable. Her presence on Spotify’s Local Pulse Charts, iTunes’ Top Hip-Hop/Rap US charts, and numerous US radio station charts is a testament to her growing influence. “Drill Shit” is a statement from an artist who’s not afraid to bare her soul and share her deepest struggles, making Nazzy the Mic an unmissable force in hip-hop.



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