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Natalie Shatters Boundaries with Hypnotic New Single “Evil”


Anti-genre producer, songwriter, and vocalist Natalie is back with her hypnotic new single “Evil,” marking a bold evolution in her artistry and a departure from her underground roots.

With its captivating sound and daring message, “Evil” represents a bold step forward for Natalie, solidifying her position as a groundbreaking artist unafraid to challenge expectations.

Natalie first burst onto the scene in mid-2018 with her debut EP “Shameful” and has since received acclaim from notable music publications such as Lyrical Lemonade, Earmilk, and Hilly Dilly. Known for her genre-defying singles, she effortlessly blends pop toplines with alternative R&B production, pushing the boundaries of traditional pop music.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the mesmerizing world of Natalie and her hypnotic new single “Evil” – a game-changing track set to leave an indelible mark on the urban music landscape.



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