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Mykii J & The Kelly Stir Up the Scene with “Trouble”

Mykii J

Real-life sibling dynamo Mykii J and The Kelly are making waves with their latest hit, “Trouble,” the electrifying lead single from their upcoming album “Mutant Dynasty.” This brother-sister duo is redefining the boundaries of Hip-Hop/Drill music, showcasing a lyrical mastery that’s both innovative and captivating.

In “Trouble,” Mykii J and The Kelly combine their unique strengths, delivering wordplay that’s not only clever but also rich with pop-culture references, double entendres, and a rhythmic flow that hits hard. This track isn’t just a song; it’s a lyrical exhibition, an auditory spectacle that places them firmly as contenders for the next big thing in music.

Philadelphia’s own Mykii J, a powerhouse in the independent music scene, has been turning heads with his distinctive vocal style, memorable melodies, and ingenious lyricism. As a self-identified queer artist, he brings a fresh, authentic perspective to the industry, breaking barriers and building a legacy on his own terms. Known for his books “The Dichotomy Between Light and Dark,” “Songs of an Indomitable Spirit,” and a series of viral freestyles, Mykii J is no stranger to the spotlight.

With “Trouble,” Mykii J and The Kelly aren’t just releasing a track; they’re sending a message to the industry. They’re unstoppable and ready to claim their rightful place in the music world. Get ready to witness the rise of Mykii J and The Kelly, a duo bound to shake things up with “Mutant Dynasty.”



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