Mugun Brings an Energetic Vibe on “Walking Street”


“I’m just watching bad h** in Prada, she wanna play in the ocean, brick water…”

– quote from “Walking Street”

Among the many UK neighborhoods bubbling with highly talented upcoming musicians and underground artists, Coventry stands out as the most vibrant. Mugun is a shining star of whom the city is proud. 

Known for his sharp-cutting lyrics and thought-provoking wordplay, Mugun returns with this brand-new banger he calls “Walking Street.” Blazing with an infectious bubble of energy, this song talks about being daring, standing out, and walking in those paths that your parents warned you not to go. 

Mugun became enthusiastic about music right from the tender age of 12. Growing up in a household where everyone was crazy about music, it was only right for him to follow in his father’s footsteps and start exploring his musical talent from that young age. That was when he began listening to songs from the likes of Josey Wale and Sanchez. He became so drawn to the Jamaican style of music, and by the time he clocked 16, he started writing his own songs and learning to hone his craft. 

Mugun finally made his debut in the music industry in 2017, and ever since then, he has collaborated with many talented artists, including Kojey Radical. He won the “Best Urban Act” in the Unsigned Music Awards and was nominated in the “Get Rated” awards. 





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