Ms. Jorji Presents New Song “Pucci”


“I need a mill, To close up deal, I want that Lucci, Pucci Gucci…”

– quote from “Pucci”

In a crowded industry where stiff competition is the order of the day, Nigerian-born Texas rapper, Independence Jorji, also known as Ms.Jorji or the African Princess, has come to change the game with her own distinct kind of sound.

Although she has only been in the music industry for one year, Jorji has mastered the art of captivating her audience and taking them on a melodious ride each time she steps on stage.

When she first dropped this song “Pucci,” it was supposed to just be a reference track for Nazzi, who was her producer at that time. But when she got loads of positive reviews from the people who listened to it, she realized that she needed to push this song further, launch her rap career, and see where it takes her.

After taking this giant leap, Ms.Jorji has performed at different clubs in the Dallas and Houston areas of Texas, and she has been interviewed by Marc Black and the Distributor. Her songs are also slated to feature in some upcoming TV shows that soon premier from the stables of HBOmax and ABC productions.

“The newest and baddest out here in Dallas.”




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