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Miquo Drops a Dark New Track Titled “sun of a GUN.”


Houston-based artist Miquo has recently released a dark new track titled “sun of a GUN.” The song delves into the story of a young man caught up in street life and the pressure to prove himself to others, ultimately leading to irreversible consequences. Over a menacing and ominous backdrop of moody hums, eerie textures, and mellow drums, Miquo delivers a haunting tale of peer pressure and the need to fit in, regardless of the outcome.

The accompanying visuals for “sun of a GUN” are equally engaging, depicting the story in a vivid and thought-provoking way. Miquo’s ability to tell a compelling story through his music is a testament to his skills as a lyricist and artist.

Miquo first emerged on the Houston hip-hop scene in 2017 with his debut mixtape, “Message In A Bottle,” released on SoundCloud. Growing up, he was influenced by his uncle’s love for “Screw Tapes” and “Zap & Roger,” as well as his mother’s talents as a poet and songwriter.

After a stint playing college football, Miquo decided to pursue a career in music. He taught himself to record and produce music and created a unique sound that would distance him from the “Screwed up” sound that dominated the Houston scene.

Over the years, Miquo has honed his skills as an artist and released several EPs, including “THE REAL (EP),” “HOODIE BRASKO VOL 1. (ROUGH DIAMONDS) EP,” and “GREENBACKS EP.” While remaining underground, Miquo has maintained a low profile while perfecting his craft.

With his upcoming debut album “everybody HURT.” set to drop sometime in 2023, Miquo is poised to make his mark on the music industry. Working with songwriter Derrick Milano and dedicating his time to elevating his sound, Miquo is focused on breaking through yet another ceiling and delivering his unique brand of storytelling to a broader audience.



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