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Mike Green & Joe Phats “GETTIT BACK” ft DeeBaby

Mike Green

Mike Green and Joe Phats have teamed up with upcoming Houston artist DeeBaby for their new single, “GETTIT BACK.” The track speaks to the struggle of losing everything and the determination to work hard and get it all back. The accompanying music video, directed by Django, showcases the artists in their element, surrounded by fans.

The video opens with a shot of the artists gathered on the street, surrounded by fans and flashing wads of cash. The camera then cuts to shots of each artist rapping their verses, delivering a standout performance. The artists are seen sporting flashy clothes and jewelry throughout the video, further emphasizing their street credibility.

As the video progresses, we see the artists chilling in the city center with expensive cars, a testament to their success and determination to keep pushing forward, even after setbacks.

With a standout performance from DeeBaby and an excellent music video directed by Django, this track will surely be a hit among trap music fans. It will motivate anyone who needs to build wealth from the ground up.



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