Mia Delamar Debuts New Single “Cool”

Mia Delamar

“So I’m cool, cool on you, shoulda took a chance and just made your move…”

– quote from “Cool”

Fast-rising super-talented singer Mia Delamar has released her brand new single “Cool.” The Atlanta, Georgia songstress has been right in the faces of all music lovers since the release of her EP, “Focus,” which has been making waves across different online streaming platforms. 

Known for her free-flowing vocal dexterity and melodious rhythms, Mia Delamar is a versatile creative songwriter, choreographer, actress, and dancer. She has featured in an impressive number of movies, and her singing and dancing credentials also show that she’s a force to reckon with on any stage. 

Delamar, once again, uses this song to show off her incredible musical talent. Produced by multiple-platinum record producer JDub, this song gives a nostalgic 90s feeling embellished with the rhythmic flare of the early 2000s.

Enjoy the track below, and follow her on Spotify, so you don’t miss any of her upcoming releases.   







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