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Mass Conformity Gets Emotional in “Let Me Down”

Mass Conformity

“Let Me Down” is the contrast and balance between two rappers with many emotions. The first verse is a confident-building flow that builds self-confidence. Hijax employs complex metaphors and similes in his bars to express his feelings of hard work and no reward.

JHK’s second verse is a more demoralized emotion. As the rapper builds on his feelings, he shows his dissatisfaction with loud mouths and false promises through his unique rhyme patterns. He clearly feels uncertain about whether his efforts are making an impact and the ulterior motives for others who he believed to be his friends. However, he still tries to express his emotions in transparent ways.

Hijax starts the last verse. The beat changes with an electric guitar piercing through the speakers. Hijax builds on the low point JHK left. Every line is more exciting than the previous one, and an inspiring motivation can be felt in every word. His energy never falters, even as he builds speed in the final bar of the verse before leading the song’s outro with an encouraging and repetitive hook.

JHK (Jarred Heights-Kaplan), and Hijax, Jack Cook created Mass Conformity. Two artists deliver contrasting styles and different mindsets. Hijax is a technical, intense bar rhyming many syllables. JHK is emotional and dynamic. They are deadly when they are apart. They are both destructive when combined.

Both rappers are from Detroit. Mass Conformity was founded out of lunch table cyphers and freestyles in JHK’s basement and is a state of mind that allows for free thought through lyrics entangled in rhythms and melodies. Mass Conformity was created to be a necessary evil. Two-worded satire of society. It is sometimes called “herd behavior.” Sheep follow the group. Mass Conformity is the mark of the lions.



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