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Marcy Returns with “Wants & Wishes”


Canadian artist Marcy has released his new single titled “Wants & Wishes,” marking his return to the music industry after a hiatus of over seven months.

“Wants & Wishes” is a confident and empowering track that speaks to the artist’s determination to pursue his own desires and not be swayed by the expectations of others.

The song’s lyrics are relatable and inspiring, encouraging listeners to prioritize their needs and aspirations. Marcy’s smooth vocals and melodic instrumentation make for an enjoyable listening experience, making “Wants & Wishes” a promising addition to the artist’s repertoire.

The fast-rising talented artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been an undeniable musical phenomenon. Marcy’s musical journey began with writing poetry as a child, which later evolved into songwriting.

With his debut single dropping in 2019 and his first EP, “Me and I,” following shortly after, Marcy has been steadily building his music career.



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