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Lyrics by Caine & Fred Ex Unveil Single “Sucka Free”

Lyrics by Caine

Long Beach, California rap artists Lyrics by Caine and Fred Ex are joining forces to unveil their much-anticipated first single, “Sucka Free,” from their upcoming joint album “Eternity.” This innovative collaboration, produced by Kofi Cooks, showcases a modern sound, blending the duo’s individual styles into a melodic and inspiring collection of tracks.

“Sucka Free” highlights the unique chemistry between Lyrics by Caine and Fred Ex as they explore their artistic identities and seamlessly merge them into a captivating medley of fresh, urban tunes. With Kofi Cooks’ production expertise, the album’s sound is a contemporary fusion of modern trap and old-school boom bap.

Fred Ex, a triple threat as a beatmaker, rapper, and audio engineer, has built a reputation for delivering quality music with gripping lyrics that paint vivid mental pictures. His commitment to pushing boundaries in the indie hip-hop scene is evident in his work, as he consistently releases tracks on every streaming platform.

As “Sucka Free” continues to generate buzz, fans eagerly await the release of “Eternity.” With Lyrics by Caine and Fred Ex joining forces, listeners can expect an album that pushes the envelope in urban music, delivering an inspiring medley of songs that demonstrate the transformative power of collaboration.



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