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Lor Sosa Brings the Heat with “Midnight Social”

Lor Sosa

“Midnight Social” is a true vibe, guaranteed to get your head nodding and your body moving. With its fast-paced tempo and the prominent sample of Lucidbeatz’ hit track, “Let U Go,” Lor Sosa has created something genuinely infectious.

What sets “Midnight Social” apart is its playful and sexy energy. The sped-up high-pitched female vocals add a tropical flavor to the song, creating an irresistible atmosphere. Lor Sosa, a self-made artist, and musician, confesses that he has no formal musical training. However, his deep love and passion for music shine through in his work.

The way Lor Sosa incorporates the sample into this track is a testament to his talent. It showcases his smooth and relaxed flow and highlights his ability to make the sample his own. He effortlessly blends his unique style with infectious beats, creating a seamless and captivating listening experience.

For Lor Sosa, music is more than just a hobby; it’s a way of life. As he openly admits, he is a music fan through and through. Whether watching a movie or diving into music culture, he finds inspiration in every beat and melody. Music has become a powerful catalyst for his emotional stimulation, and that passion translates into his artistry.



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