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LOGIC LDOT Drops Powerful Track “IOP 2 Win” ft J Vasser x 52 Savage


Prepare to embark on a powerful journey with LOGIC LDOT’s latest track, “IOP 2 Win,” featuring J Vasser and 52 Savage. This song is a raw and emotional experience dedicated to the memory of friends who have passed away and those who have returned from the dark path of incarceration. The legendary VA hip-hop producer Aswad Jones, also known as Oz, inspired and crafted the track after his release from a multi-year sentence.

“IOP 2 Win” is a collaborative effort that brings together the best talents from different corners of the hip-hop world. DJ Swade, aka 52 Savage, hailing from Dallas, TX, adds his distinct flavor to the track. With appearances on The Breakfast Club and BET, 52 Savage is no stranger to the limelight.

LOGIC LDOT, a Detroit native, is the producer and artist on this project. With an impressive roster of collaborations with the likes of D12, Three 6 Mafia, Sada Baby, Stretch Money, and the group 4172 (Fenkell and Puritan), LOGIC LDOT brings his signature style to “IOP 2 Win.”
J Vasser, a well-known Detroit artist, and producer, adds his heavy Detroit bars to the mix, elevating the track to another level of authenticity and passion.

LOGIC LDOT’s journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. He has been featured on Clear Channel Station WJLB FM 98 for the New Music Report alongside industry heavyweights like Mc Search, DDT, Comedian Coco, and Comedian Foolish. His promotional commercials and cover songs have graced the airwaves of Radio One Station WDTJ FM 105.9, earning him rotation on various hip-hop shows.



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