Lishana Preaches “Self Love” Alongside Maxwell D

Lishana and Maxwell D

“Self-love, self-worth, that’s the word…”

– quote from “Self Love”

British Jamaican R&B sensation Lishana has returned to the music scene with a new single titled “Self Love.” This soul-lifting song, which features Pay As U Go legend and grime pioneer Maxwell D, talks about basking in self-love while paying deaf ears to negativities and hate being thrown at you by people. This track comes at the heels of the success of her last two singles, “Make Sure” and “Drifting,” which launched her into the music industry last year. Both songs have gathered over two hundred and fifty thousand streams on YouTube and Spotify.

This song, produced by super-talented producer Yomi Brasko, and engineered by Patrick “Hot Money” Osei, is a fusion of dancehall and R&B, with a captivating lyric feel-good vibe from start to finish.

This is a song for the entire family. The video features a cameo appearance from her daughter, which is a testament that the song and its message are suited for people of all ages. This song was inspired by Lishana’s life story and experiences, which have made her realize that self-love trumps all things and should be the bedrock of daily living. 









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