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Lil Purple Zombie “Trapper First, Rapper Second” ft LilSauceWhite

Lil Purple Zombie

Lil Purple Zombie, hailing from Panama City, FL, is making waves in the music industry with his unique style and infectious energy. In his new song “Trapper First, Rapper Second,” featuring LilSauceWhite, Lil Purple Zombie showcases his artist and performer talent.

The track, written and performed by Lil Purple Zombie and LilSauceWhite, is produced by Dvrio. It was recorded at Goldie Sound Productions in Tallahassee, FL, with Adrian Dickey engineering the session. The final mix and master were done by Dustin Miller at NBD Ent.

Purple Zombie’s music journey began in 2018, and since then, he has been making a name for himself in the local music scene. His performances throughout Florida and Alabama have garnered attention, and he has had the opportunity to open for notable artists such as Boosie Baddaz, Waka Flocka, PNB Rock, and more. With his diverse background in the local Heavy Metal and Hardcore music scene, Lil Purple Zombie brings a unique blend of influences to his music.

Having released several singles and two full-length albums, Lil Purple Zombie has independently amassed over 1 million streams across all platforms. His latest albums, “Trappin’ After Death” in 2021 and “Don Of The Dead” in 2023, showcase Lil Purple Zombie’s ability to deliver catchy hooks, versatile verses, and hard-hitting beats. His music gives listeners a glimpse into his life and experiences.

With his captivating style, Lil Purple Zombie continues to make his mark in the music industry. His distinct sound and energetic performances set him apart from the crowd, and his dedication to his craft shines through in every release. As Lil Purple Zombie’s fanbase grows, he is an artist to watch out for in the urban music scene.



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