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Lewis Fitzgerald’s Urban Anthem “Go Wrong” ft Zakhar

Lewis Fitzgerald

Rising from the vibrant streets of South London, Lewis Fitzgerald drops his latest urban anthem, “Go Wrong,” featuring the lyrical prowess of Zakhar. This track is a narrative of emotional depth and self-discovery.

In “Go Wrong,” Lewis delves into the universal question, “Where did I go wrong?” with a raw honesty that resonates with listeners. Reflecting on personal experiences and growth, he crafts an innovative and emotionally stirring sound.

Teaming up with North London’s Zakhar, the collaboration bridges geographical gaps, uniting the essence of London’s diverse music scene. The accompanying music video, released alongside the single, adds visual depth to the track’s narrative.

Lewis’s journey to musical prominence has been marked by breakout hits like “Darling” and “Unlovable,” garnering millions of streams and nods from industry tastemakers. Lewis has carved a niche in the UK music landscape, from live streams to collaborations with mainstream media outlets.

With upcoming releases and a dedicated fanbase, Lewis Fitzgerald is poised to solidify his place among the UK’s top talents in 2024. His authentic lyricism and powerful vocals speak to a generation seeking genuine musical expression. As his star continues to rise, Lewis Fitzgerald’s urban anthem “Go Wrong” is a testament to his undeniable talent and unstoppable trajectory.



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