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Lan Lawd & Nicko Rebel Bring Caribbean Heat with “So Good”

Lan Lawd

From the serene shores of St. Lucia to the vibrant streets of Miami, Lan Lawd, the reggae alias of singer-songwriter Nelson Serieux, is making waves with his new hit single “So Good,” featuring the Grammy-winning producer Nicko Rebel. Raised by a music teacher mother, Serieux’s early dive into multi-instrumentalism and songwriting was heavily influenced by the natural vibes of his island home and his global experiences.

After clinching the Best New Artist award in a nationwide competition in 2010 and a subsequent move to New York, Lan Lawd has been on a creative ascension. In the sunny ambiance of Florida, Serieux crossed paths with Nicko Rebel, a Jamaican native and a powerhouse in music production, known for his roots in sound system culture and prowess in crafting beats and hooks for international stars.

Their latest collaboration, “So Good,” is a testament to their synergistic creativity. This track perfectly blends Caribbean-style house beats and seductive guitar rhythms, creating an irresistibly danceable number. Lan Lawd’s smooth and engaging flow complements Nicko Rebel’s vibrant production, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm.

The accompanying music video, shot at the iconic Irie Bar in St. Lucia, is a visual feast featuring captivating choreography by Mind of Xavier and Le Pazz. The energy of St. Lucian dancers and models, along with Lan Lawd and Nicko Rebel, is palpable, turning the video into a celebration of Caribbean culture and dance.

For fans looking to carry a piece of this island magic with them, Lan Lawd’s trendy bucket hat, as seen in the video, is available online – a perfect accessory for those who want to channel those laid-back, Caribbean vibes. “So Good” is an invitation to the dance floor, and with Lan Lawd and Nicko Rebel leading the way, it’s an invitation too enticing to refuse.



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