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KYO! Unleashes “Put That On” ft Bonkerz & Richie Makin Mulla


Los Angeles-based producer and engineer KYO! is stepping into the spotlight with his debut single, “Put That On,” featuring the dynamic talents of Bonkerz and Richie Makin Mulla. Having already worked with industry heavyweights like Usher, Kevin Gates, Carly Rae Jepsen, and more, KYO! is now ready to showcase his own artistic prowess.

“Put That On” is a testament to KYO!’s versatile production skills as he effortlessly navigates the world of R&B and soul. The track is a vibrant fusion of melodic beats and infectious rhythms, creating a sonic landscape that captivates from the first note. Bonkerz and Richie Makin Mulla’s distinct voices seamlessly complement each other, enhancing the track’s energy and delivering an unforgettable performance.

While KYO! has proven his proficiency in crafting hits for established artists, “Put That On” marks his transition into creating his own music. With an ear for soulful melodies and a knack for capturing emotions through sound, KYO! is poised to make a lasting impact as an artist in his own right.

As an artist who refuses to be confined to a single genre, KYO! is ready to showcase his versatility and conquer new musical territories with future releases. With “Put That On” as a powerful introduction, music enthusiasts can look forward to KYO!’s innovative approach to sound, genre, and collaboration.



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