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Kuttem Reese “Phone Lights” ft No Cap

Kuttem Reese

Orlando’s rising hip-hop force, Kuttem Reese, strips back the bravado on his stirring new release, “Phone Lights,” featuring lyrical heavyweight No Cap. In a raw exposition, Reese swaps tales of tumultuous youth for a reflective look at the intoxicating energy of live performance. The track weaves through a tapestry of soft guitar strums and poignant lyrics, contrasting the harsh flash of gun barrels and the sea of phone lights that now illuminate his path.

“Phone Lights” digs into the emotional core of an artist at the point of greatness. A moment of heartfelt honesty humanizes the artist, connecting fans to performers in a shared experience that transcends the stage.

Following the firestorm of “Black Forces” with Ski Mask The Slump God, Reese continues to solidify his place in the rap game. The two Floridian powerhouses deliver a kinetic energy that’s as fierce as it is unforgettable, embodying the untamed spirit of their namesake sneakers. With each verse, Reese demonstrates why he’s the one to watch, while Ski Mask’s signature flow leaves listeners hanging on every syllable.

Hot on the heels of “Dead Roses,” which exploded in streams and views, Kuttem Reese isn’t just riding the wave – he’s making it. His performance on TRSH Magazine and “Back In” traction are mere precursors to what’s unfolding as a defining year for the Orlando native. If “Phone Lights” is any indication, the world is witnessing the rise of a rapper and an artist who dares to bear his soul. Keep your eyes – and phones – lit for what Kuttem Reese drops next.



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