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Kuttem Reese Hits Hard with “TYFNB” from His EP

Kuttem Reese

Orlando’s own Kuttem Reese is taking the hip-hop world by storm, dropping his deeply personal and potent “REESE EP.” Among the standout tracks is “TYFNB” (Thank You For Not Believing), a poignant anthem of Reese’s journey from doubt to dominance. With a voice that weaves through acoustic melodies, Reese delivers a powerful message of resilience, turning disbelief into a badge of honor.

“TYFNB” is a statement. It encapsulates Reese’s reflective and relentless spirit, offering a mirror to those who’ve faced rejection. The EP’s diversity shines as Reese flexes his versatility on tracks like “You The Type,” showcasing his dynamic energy and undeniable talent.

Featuring collaborations with heavyweights like G Herbo and a cameo from Kiwiana Bae, Reese’s project is a magnet for listeners and critics alike. Already amassing over 107 million streams and significant media buzz, Kuttem Reese is proving to be a force in the industry.

From humble beginnings in Orlando to capturing the spotlight, Reese’s narrative is one of triumph over trials. With the “REESE EP,” he’s not just sharing music; he’s inviting us into his world, one track at a time.



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