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Kush Lamma’s Triumphant Return with “Still Watching Waves”

Kush Lamma

Kush Lamma, hailing from the gritty streets of Kansas City, Missouri, has made a roaring comeback with his latest track, “Still Watching Waves.” His journey, marked by resilience and unwavering dedication to his craft, is a testament to the power of perseverance in the face of adversity. After a prolonged prison bid that paused his music career, Kush Lamma didn’t just serve time; he honed his skills, ensuring that his comeback would be remarkable.

Released after nearly a decade behind bars and a challenging parole experience, “Still Watching Waves” symbolizes a declaration of freedom and a renewed commitment to his art. Completing his sentence in April 2021, Kush Lamma now stands unchained, ready to create and push his music like never before.

This track is crafted for those who appreciate life’s deeper, more nuanced vibes. Kush Lamma’s music is a fusion of raw emotion and refined artistry, appealing to those with a discerning taste for quality sounds and authentic storytelling. “Still Watching Waves” is a glimpse into his world, where challenges are met with creativity, and freedom is expressed through the rhythm of the streets.

With “Still Watching Waves,” Kush Lamma is sending a message that he’s here to stay, free to create, free to inspire, and free to redefine the music scene with his unique blend of real, unfiltered vibes. His journey from incarceration to liberation is a blueprint for transformation through the power of music.



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