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Kush Lamma Makes a Statement with “Would it Kill You”

Kush Lamma

Kansas City, Missouri rapper Kush Lamma is back with a bang, and his new song “Would it Kill You” is proof of his relentless talent. After facing a setback in his music career due to a prison bid, Kush Lamma never let his spirit waver. In fact, he used his time behind bars to master his craft, honing his skills and refining his unique style.

Kush Lamma’s music embodies the essence of the New Wave cool with a refreshing vintage vibe. His lyrics resonate with authenticity and depth, reflecting the struggles he has faced and the resilience he possesses. With his distinctive sound and captivating storytelling, he delivers an urban tone that captures the attention of his listeners.

He brings substance and meaning to his songs, tackling real-life experiences and emotions many can relate to. His music goes beyond mere entertainment; it reflects his journey and is a testament to his artistic integrity.

As Kush Lamma steps back into the music scene, he brings a renewed sense of purpose and determination. His music pushes boundaries and challenges the norm, refusing to conform to the mainstream. With each new release, he continues to captivate audiences and carve out his own lane in the industry.



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