Kush Lamma “Big 2’s” Featuring Killa & Glocc

Kush Lamma

Kush Lamma sets the vibe right with this new song he titles “Big 2’s.” Collaborating with some of the finest music artists on the block, Killa and Glocc, Kush Lamma uses this upbeat track to announce to the world that he’s back to claim his place in the music scene, despite spending his twenties in jail.

The video was shot and directed by Skrilly Vision films, and it serves to wet fan’s appetites in anticipation of Kush Lamma’s upcoming EP “Almost Missed Jumah.”

For many upcoming musicians, going to jail marks the end of their aspirations, but that does not apply to Kush Lamma. The Kansas City, Missouri artist started pursuing his music career in his twenties, but his efforts got thwarted when he was convicted and sent to prison. After spending almost a decade in jail and going through excruciating parole, he is back to show us what he’s been up to while behind bars.



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