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Krept & Konan features Abra Cadabra on New Song “Dat Way”

Krept & Konan

Multi-award-winning British rap duo Krept & Konan have returned with a new single, “Dat Way,” featuring Abra Cadabra.

This marks their first release since the success of their hit album “Revenge is Sweet,” which was released three years ago. The album, which featured hit songs like “Tell Me,” “G-Love,” and “I Spy,” was so successful that they even headlined the O2 and shot into the UK Top 20 Official Album Chart.

“Dat Way” is a gritty, street-inspired track that showcases the duo’s signature flow and lyrical prowess. The song starts with a catchy hook that immediately grabs the listener’s attention and sets the tone for the rest of the track. The verses, delivered by Krept & Konan and Abra Cadabra, are full of clever wordplay and references, making for a truly enjoyable listening experience.

The song is produced by Adam Wattz, and the beat is a perfect match for the lyrics, with a heavy bassline and hard-hitting drums that drive the track forward. The video, directed by DON Prod alongside Krept and Konan, was shot on the streets and features the duo, their friends, and fans all enjoying their time.

With this new release, Krept and Konan are back to reclaim their place in the music industry. They’re working on their next project, which promises to be massive, just like before.



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