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Kings Cvstle Unveils “Risk”: A Bold Leap into Socially-Conscious Rap

Kings Cvstle

East London’s dynamic duo, Kings Cvstle, stands out with their latest single “Risk,” showcasing their signature blend of melancholy and consciousness in music. Identical twins Peter and Daniel King, hailing from Walthamstow, have consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity, connecting with audiences on a profoundly human level. Their music, a testament to their working-class roots, brings the essence of real rap back to the forefront of the mainstream with compelling relevance.

With an impressive track record of over 150k views on YouTube and 300k streams on Spotify, Kings Cvstle’s journey is a beacon of inspiration. Their music ranges from the dark and introspective “Rabbit Hole” to the melodic optimism of “Pour My Heart Out,” proving their versatility and commitment to their craft. Daniel’s step into the limelight, contributing verses and vocals, has added a new dimension to their sound, resonating deeply with their established tone and mood.

Their debut EP, “En Route,” featuring hits like “Rome” and “Pour My Heart Out,” has already made waves, earning spots on renowned platforms such as Kiss FM and talkSPORT Drivetime. As they gear up with “Risk,” Kings Cvstle continues to address our time’s pressing social and political issues, all while staying emotionally transparent and musically innovative.

Having graced stages across London and received accolades from Lyrical Lemonade, BBC, and more, Kings Cvstle is not just making music; they’re making a statement. With sold-out headline shows and dedication to their message, the duo is poised for another breakout year, proving that taking “Risk” is worth it for those who dare to be different.



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