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King Stoneyy Releases Single “Throne Talk”

King Stoneyy

Upcoming rap star King Stoneyy has released his much-anticipated new song, “Throne Talk.” This is a powerful reflection on his rise to fame. The song talks about how he focused on getting his money right, despite distractions from women. Now, the same women who ignored him before want a piece of his success. The song is a part of King Stoneyy’s upcoming EP, which promises to be a treat for fans.

The beat is catchy, and the lyrics are well-written, perfectly conveying King Stoneyy’s message of success and its consequent attraction. As the song progresses, you can hear the confidence in his voice growing stronger. He knows he’s on top, and everyone else sees him as the king.

“Throne Talk” is an excellent addition to King Stoneyy’s catalog. It shows his growth as an artist, and we can’t wait to hear more from him on the upcoming EP.



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