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Kiana Flowers Blossoms with “Yesterday’s Feelings” ft Dthree

Kiana Flowers

Kiana Flowers, the sultry songstress on the rise, has teamed up with the lyrical powerhouse Dthree to deliver an urban masterpiece titled “Yesterday’s Feelings.” With a blend of velvety vocals and heartfelt rhymes, this dynamic duo has created a track that resonates with the soul.

Hailing from a city rich in musical talent, Kiana Flowers has honed her craft to capture the essence of urban life. Her voice, infused with raw emotion, weaves a tapestry of pain, love, and longing that’s felt deep within. Dthree brings his flavor to the mix, showcasing his ability to paint vivid pictures through storytelling and captivating wordplay.

“Yesterday’s Feelings” is a testament to Kiana and Dthree’s undeniable chemistry. Their unique styles mesh seamlessly, creating a nostalgic fresh vibe as they navigate the complex emotions of love and heartache. The production, dripping with soulful melodies and smooth beats, perfectly complements the duo’s poignant lyrics.

As the track unfolds, it’s clear that Kiana Flowers and Dthree are destined for greatness. With “Yesterday’s Feelings,” they’ve crafted a song that resonates with the listener and solidifies their place in the urban music landscape.



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