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Kengdom Releases New Song “Juggernaut”


Sensational hip-hop maestro, Kengdom released a resounding new single titled “Juggernaut.”

This song is a delectable self-appraisal tone where Kengdom gives himself the accolades he deserves for mastering the mic and giving off a beautiful delivery every time he comes on a track.

Kingdom first dominated the airwaves in 2020 when he debuted with his popular singles “No Slack” and “Big Pimpin.” These songs endeared him to music lovers and gave him a sizable fanbase of people who appreciated his artistry.

Kengdom took it a notch further with the release of “Santana” before he teamed up with Indi Clouds on an all-star anthem, “What to Do,” which is now officially available on all streaming platforms.

His lyrical prowess and authenticity have never been mistaken in all his songs. He still brings these qualities to bare on this new track as he showers encomiums on himself for being an undeniable bunch of talents. His infectious charisma and top-notch production give this track a catchy feel and massive replay value.



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