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Kaleia Releases “Everything Comes Back to You”


Canada’s musical tapestry has become more radiant with the emergence of Edmonton-born sensation Kaleia. Her debut single, “Everything Comes Back to You,” isn’t just a song, it’s an intimate journey, one conceived in a Boston dormitory and crafted across cities, finally finding its completion in the vibrant energy of New York. The result is a smoky, dreamy R&B masterpiece wrapped in Kaleia’s rich, sultry tones. As she entices listeners to let her “invade your space,” it’s a chase into the depths of sound you wouldn’t want to resist.

Kaleia’s vocal elegance stands out even in an industry saturated with talents. The ethereal aura she exudes in her music is reminiscent of R&B giants like H.E.R., SZA, and Daniel Caesar. Yet, she’s distinctly unique – a fusion of her Canadian roots and the pulsating rhythm of the US’s eastern cities. This harmonious blend, championed by producers like Ethan Johnson and Sunday Dinner, paints the tapestry of her songs.

Unsurprisingly, icons like Sia recognized her unparalleled prowess even when she was just a child. Boston’s music temple, Berklee, became the meeting ground for her and her future collaborators, setting her musical destiny on fire.

From Edmonton’s quiet charm to Vancouver’s bustling shores, Kaleia’s musical voyage is just beginning. Dive into her world, a realm where her voice is the narrator, emotions the language, and where every song is not just heard but deeply felt.



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