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Juice Menace Drops New Track “Creepin”

Juice Menace

Juice Menace has dropped a brand new track, “Creepin,” which showcases her effortless flow over a buoyant bass and syncopated beat.

“Creepin” marks the end of a year of growth in different cultural corners for Juice. Her “Clean Slate” EP was released this Summer and received support from Gal Dem, Charlie Sloth, and GRM Daily.

Juice Menace is making waves in the industry and sparking interest in the Welsh music scene. The Cardiff-based rapper has teamed up to release “For Her” in preparation for Cymru’s 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifiers. She is proving to be worthy of the title “CDF CEO,” which she has cherished by her peers and her dedicated fanbase.



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