Jilly Returns with New Release “New Safe”


“I was calling the bank told them I’m on the way, been a real good month I need a whole new safe…”

– quote from “New Safe”

Beautiful singer and model Jilly has released the visuals of her new single “New Safe.” Jilly, who started off her journey in the entertainment industry by hosting red carpets at events, has been on a steady roll to imprint her name as a singing sensation and carve a niche for herself in the music industry. 

In 2014, Jilly started working with lots of producers and directors and learning the ropes on how to make good music. This way, she created her musical brand, and in 2016, she released her “The Juice EP” to officially announce her arrival to the music scene.

Her debut EP received widespread acceptance and endeared her to many producers and writers who wanted to work with her. In 2016, she became a social media sensation, creating many Instagram skits and other content. This made her really popular across social media, and when she returned to the music scene in 2018, she collaborated with R&B artist Eric Bellinger and a host of writers and producers. Working tediously with this new team, Jilly launched into a new pop and rap genre dispensation, resulting in her song “Sexy,” which has gathered over 2.4 million YouTube views. 

This new song is another testament to how incredibly talented Jilly is, and we hope to get more awesome music from her. 





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