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JBM Nova Returns with a New Track “Princess”

JBM Nova

Los Angeles-born artist JMB Nova has just released his latest single, “Princess,” a unique blend of R&B and hip-hop, with smooth verses, catchy chorus, and infectious wordplay.

Ever since the release of his debut single “Chick Fil Ayy” in 2019, JMB Nova has been on a roll, consistently dropping new music to entertain his growing audience.

The artist’s distinctive rap style and clever lyrics on this track paint the picture of a lovestruck man who is completely dedicated to treating his woman like royalty. The track’s production is carefully crafted to enhance the artist’s message and create a lush, seductive soundscape that will get stuck in the listener’s head.

JMB Nova is no stranger to the music scene and has proved that he can make songs that connect with the audience. He was born into a family of entertainers and, over time, has proven that music flows in his veins. The song “Princess” reflects his growth as an artist since his debut track and showcases his maturity in music and message.



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