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JayO IVXX Releases Latest Track “Up Now”


JayO IVXX, a rising star in the NYC music scene, is making his mark by releasing his latest track, “Up Now.” Produced by Taylor Gatson, this speaker-rattling banger is a sneak peek into JayO’s highly anticipated album, “God’s Gift.”

In “Up Now,” JayO takes us on a journey through his come-up, showcasing how his life has transformed since he embarked on his musical journey. From caring for his mother to leaving behind a life of running from the authorities, he proudly embraces the changes that have come his way.

With lyrics like “I do this for the block, a combination of Jay Z and ‘Pac,” JayO asserts his unique style and pays homage to the rap legends who have influenced him. His melodic yet gritty approach to music reflects the spirit of his Bronx roots.

As we eagerly await the release of “God’s Gift,” JayO’s album is set to drop in early 2024 through his own Syndicate 420 label. Show your support by streaming “Up Now” on your favorite music platform, and stay tuned for more updates and exciting content from JayO IVXX. He’s ready to take the industry by storm and leave an indelible mark on the rap game.



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