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JaJa Kisses Reinvents Drill with Mystifying “Kawaii Drill”

JaJa Kisses

In the dynamic landscape of UK Drill, JaJa Kisses stands out as an enigmatic force, blending celestial vocals with bass-infused soundscapes in her latest offering, “Kawaii Drill.” Hailing from West London, JaJa Kisses is not just a singer, songwriter, and producer; she’s a musical alchemist, fusing genres to create something unique.

Often compared to the ethereal mix of Bjork and Sade, Kisses has been carving her niche since 2012. Her music is a testament to nonconformity, effortlessly straddling alt R&B, art pop, and a realm she playfully dubs ‘escape room.’ In “Kawaii Drill,” she delves into the depths of self-realization, her soul-edged vocals laced with cryptic lyrics, creating a hauntingly intimate experience.

Accompanying her music are visuals that match her sound’s surreal and enigmatic nature. From her debut mixtape “Young Fashioned” to her recent releases, Kiss has continuously captured attention, garnering acclaim from platforms like MTV Wrapped and Afropunk. Her live performances, including appearances at the Jazz Cafe London and Afropunk Festival Warm Up Party, showcase her captivating stage presence.

After a creative hiatus, Kisses returns with “Kawaii Drill,” a track that delves into introspection and melodious mastery. It reflects her journey, a Scorpio’s poignant musings on growth and resistance, wrapped in the allure of her unique sound.



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